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Meet Sandra

Sandra is a RYT 500 hr certified yoga instructor accredited by Yoga Alliance and F.L.Y. Aerial yoga teacher at The Yogi Treehouse. She recently completed her 300-hour advanced yoga teacher training with Albina and Roger Rippy in 2023, and is grateful for the opportunity to delve into the yoga sutras with Ricky Tran and study body anatomy with Robert Boustany.
Her yoga journey began approximately 15 years ago, evolving naturally from Pilates. Initially focused on the physical aspects, her practice gradually transformed into a means of personal liberation, providing her with tools to engage with her inner self. Meditation is an integral part of her daily routine, and she firmly believes that breath work and awareness form the core of a mindful yoga practice, both on and off the mat.
Aerial yoga has become Sandra’s latest passion. She excels in teaching traditional yoga as well as hybrid yoga, seamlessly blending yoga poses with aerial techniques using a hammock to create a weightless sensation.

Sandra’s philosophy is encapsulated in her belief that every time she steps onto the mat, it’s an opportunity to start anew, and she derives immense joy from sharing the bliss of yoga with her students.


Kat has been teaching yoga for six years and is a 500 RYT. 

Kat believes everything is as it should be, especially, where your body takes you each time you practice yoga. No need to push yourself or be excessive. You are right where you are supposed to be in that moment, so, feel it and let go of any expectations that you may have about what your body should or should not be doing. Her teaching style focuses on breathing and deepening body awareness as yogis move through mindfully constructed sequences on their mat.  She believes yoga should be inclusive of all bodies, ages, and abilities.



Debbie's journey into yoga began in cycling.  She was taking cycling classes with Lifetime cycle club. She was looking for something to balance her routine and found a yin yoga class she would attend after her cycle workout. She then started to add vinyasa to her practice.  The stretching asanas felt good, the core work helped her cycling, and the meditation helped ease the chatter in her mind.  The more she practiced the more she felt the need to share her experience. She completed her 200hr training at Lifetime Fitness is December of 2013, and went on to complete her 300hr through LifePower Yoga in April of 2017. In between she got certified in Yoga Bridge to teach yoga to cancer patients ans survivors in 2014 and Functional Anatomy of Yoga in 2020. Yoga is an integral part of her life and she loves sharing her passion for practice with her students.

Her certifications include:

200hr ERYT

500hr RYT

YACEP education provider 

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